Luke Heyerman


Fun, rhythmic fiction with a mathmatic theme: ages 3-5 & 5-8

Is it an earthquake? Michael’s walls stretch and lean as his house becomes a parallelogram! Yikes, his hair turns to spikes as two kids ride past on perpendicular bikes. Unfortunately, in all of his books, old and new, the doc can’t find a cure for geometry flu.

Geometry Flu Cover

Euthanize My Love – A Novel

Euthanize My Love

Meet Ryland Florida as he runs full-speed into the disaster of his 30th year. Though convinced life is a screenplay, one where he gets the girl in the end, his inner Woody Allen wrestles with all the anxieties that turn men into morons—the idiotic, twisted stuff they hope women never discover. The story is set in the excruciating hell that is Los Angeles’ movie industry.

After a devastating break-up, Ryland panics that his life sucks and that in, what, two years tops he’ll be past his peak and undesirable to the “perfect costar”. Meanwhile, his reckless 21-year-old, baby brother Michael is flush with women's affections but terrified of intimacy—preferring to leap from second-story balconies rather than say, "I love you, too." Heaping misguided planning atop tragic circumstances, the bothers join forces in Los Angeles to conquer happiness and pursue their Hollywood dreams. But can Ryland save his brother from himself? Or prevent his own life from becoming a box-office flop?


SOWELU dramatic

The Hero

The Hero received Dramy award nominations by the Portland Critics Circle and earned tour grants to play cities throughout Oregon.

SOWELU dramatic

Brightest Thing in the Dark Tonight

Brightest Thing also received Dramy nominations by the Portland Critics Circle.

The Secrets of Sycamore Street

Developed through the Playhouse West Writers Workshop, The Secrets of Sycamore Street was produced by Playhouse West in Los Angeles.

Part of This Nutritious Breakfast

The play, loosely based on Luke's novel, Euthanize My Love, saw workshop productions at both Playhouse West and Stella Adler Theatre in Los Angeles.

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