Brightest Thing in the Dark Tonight

A play by Luke Heyerman
Stark Raving Theatre production. Stark Raving Theatre: Chris Harder as Mark, Sean Skvarka as Sean, Jordy Oakland as Annie


The Oregonian: "Brighter Still"
Christmas, for all its rumored joys, is the nadir of drama production, where every theater strives to outdo the others by trundling out some creaking piece of holiday furniture. The only bright spot of the season has been Luke Heyerman's new play at Stark Raving. What makes his Brightest Thing in the Dark Tonight even more exciting is that it's a work in progress. Heyerman and director Barry Hunt met this week to rewrite some of the scenes, which is brave considering that the play is in its final week. For those who saw the piece early on, a second viewing should prove to be more rewarding than the predictable pantos elsewhere.

– Steffen Silvis